Code of Ethics & Business Conduct is important on many levels for Filtermax. It sets the tone from the top of our companys culture.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct helps ensure compliance with legal requirements and our standards of business conduct. All directors, officers and other employees are expected to read and understand this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, uphold these standards in day-to-day activities and comply with all applicable policies and procedures.

Because the principles described in this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics are non-exhaustive and general in nature, it must also review all applicable Company policies and procedures for more specific instruction.

Nothing in this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, in any Company policies and procedures, or in other related communications (verbal or written) creates or implies an employment contract or term of employment.

We are committed to continuously reviewing and updating our policies and procedures. Therefore, this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is subject to modification. This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics supersedes all other such codes, policies, procedures, instructions, practices, rules or written or verbal representations to the extent they are inconsistent.

Our code of ethical principles is available on our intranet for all employees. Filtermax employees can access freely. Employees has to read our company’s principals with our code of ethics & business conduct understand from our booklet.

Filtermax code of ethics is a long document, but is broken down into individual areas of conduct. The code is intended as a guide to all daily business interactions and is used in conjunction with our business practice guidelines. The code covers 10 areas, including :

Our Relationship with Each Other

Our Relationship with the Company

Our Relationship with Customers

Our Relationship with Government & the Law

Our Relationship with Society & Environment

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